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World Sleep Day: How to achieve a restful night’s sleep

55 per cent of Brits now have dreams about work, with over a third even dreaming about work while they’re on holiday, new research has revealed.

The ‘always-on’ culture we now live in means it is increasingly difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. Whether it’s worrying about an upcoming deadline, striving for a promotion or continually checking our emails before bed, it disrupts our sleep patterns and affects our mood.

With more than a quarter of us dreaming about work at least once a week, World Sleep Day (Friday 16 March) is the perfect opportunity for us to review our sleeping habits and refresh ourselves over the weekend, ready for the new working week.

Fight fatigue this World Sleep Day

One of the ways we can influence our sleep is through our vitamin and mineral levels. These help to regulate and restore our bodies enabling us to relax and encourage natural restful sleep. A hero mineral, Magnesium, is one of nature’s best kept secrets. Not only does it fight fatigue and stress but an insufficient amount of cellular magnesium may result in us having a build-up of lactic acid. This can cause muscle tiredness, cramps and soreness. So, we need to look at how we can consciously top up our magnesium levels.

There are several magnesium rich foods that can improve our magnesium intake, however in our current environment we are surrounded by an excess of processed foods, bad fats and refined sugars which are decreasing our levels. In fact, low magnesium levels affect around 70 per cent of us.

Ultimately, to ensure our bodies obtain the amount of magnesium it needs, supplementation is essential. But how do we know the best route to take when looking at supplements available on the market?

A superior way to supplement

Supplementing magnesium transdermally (through the skin) is a superior way to absorb this mineral, and has been proven to work five times faster than tablets. As it is absorbed through the skin, it bypasses the digestive system straight into the body tissue, providing a fast and effective dose directly to where it is needed. When it is applied directly through the skin, magnesium is also a natural relaxant.

Fight fatigue this World Sleep Day with our transdermal magnesium range.

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