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4 Essential Nutrients for Key Life Stages

Our Vegan Health Oral Spray provides the 4 key nutrients often under-represented in a vegan and vegetarian diet. However, this combination could also support health at crucial life stages.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a time where additional nutrient support is often required to aid the growth and development of baby, alongside the hormonal and physical changes of mum.

Vitamin D is a difficult vitamin to obtain through diet alone and alongside folic acid is advised for all women to supplement during pregnancy. Vitamin D contributes to normal usage of calcium and phosphorus which is essential for baby’s bone development as well as maintaining healthy bones for mum.

Iodine supports thyroid function and hormones to ensure proper growth of baby over time and ensure the development of organs.

Iron & vitamin B12 aid the formation of red blood cells to meet the extra blood supply needed in the final two trimesters and birth. They also support the vein system of the placenta to allow nutrients to pass from mother to baby.

Iron, vitamin B12 & vitamin D support the process of cell division, which is essential for correct foetal development.

Low Energy

There are times in our life that we can suffer from tiredness and fatigue. Diet, stress or dramatic life changes can all cause a depletion in vitamins and minerals that aid the production of energy.

Iodine, Vitamin B12 & Iron all contribute to energy metabolism in various pathways, which help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Iodine also regulates metabolic rate which effects sleep cycles – aiding a more restful sleep, as well as ensuring the absorption of food and its transformation into energy.

Vitamin D supports muscle function allowing us to stay active as well as enhance mitochondria. Often known as the ‘powerhouses of the cells’ mitochondria are found within most cells within the body and turn energy from the food we eat into energy for those cells.


It’s during adolescence that the body goes through rapid development with a surge of hormonal as well as physiological changes.

Iron, vitamin B12 & vitamin D aid the process of cell division, which is essential for periods of growth.

Iron & vitamin B12 also support the formation of red blood cells to meet the energy demands of growing bodies. While vitamin D contributes to bone health and muscle function which grow rapidly during adolescence.

Iodine supports thyroid function and hormones during periods of hormonal fluctuation. It also contributes to healthy skin as these fluctuations can cause breakouts.

Vitamin B12 assists psychological function, helping keep the brain ‘active’ at a time when hormones can affect the ability to make logical decisions and process facts.

Iron specifically is important for girls hitting adolescence as they begin menstruating. As blood is lost each month, iron within red blood cells are also diminished, so higher levels are required to replace the depleted iron levels.

Getting Older

As we age many changes transpire within the body; skin becomes thinner, muscle loss occurs, and nutrient absorption can decline.

Vitamin D and B12 are two nutrients that become more difficult to absorb as we get older, this is because we begin to produce less stomach acid. This reduction in stomach acid can result in lower nutrient absorption.

Vitamin D contributes to normal blood calcium levels to decrease the likelihood of plaques depositing in the arteries, which can contribute to high blood pressure and risk of a stroke or cardiac arrest.

Iodine & vitamin B12 support nervous system health to slow the degeneration of nerves that enable muscle strength, flexibility, mental clarity and eyesight.

Iodine & iron support cognitive function which can diminish as we age.

Iodine is also important for hair, skin and nails which can become thin or brittle as we age, especially in women who are going through the menopause. Both men and women can also experience hair loss at this life stage, iodine helps strengthen hair follicles and increase growth.

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