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CASE STUDY: Busy Mum Doubles Vitamin D Levels to Raise Energy Levels

Vitamin D and energy levels are the perfect pair for the body. Someone who found this out first hand was blogger, student and full-time mum Lu Lovely (aka A Life of Lovely). Lu found her busy lifestyle was causing her nutrient levels to suffer, even though she makes healthy living a priority. Discover what she has to say about vitamin d and energy, and the positive effects it has.

How Vitamin D Helped Boost Energy Levels

“I suspected I may have low levels of vitamin D as I began to experience lethargy, anxiety and a low mood” explains the 38-year-old from Somerset.

Lu, who is currently working towards a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a big believer in fulfilling your nutritional needs through food, knew that very little vitamin D can actually be obtained through food alone and that the best source is through sunlight.

“I try to look after my vitamin levels and spend around 20 minutes out in the sunlight each day to get enough essential vitamin D”.

However, Lu admits to wearing protective clothing and a facial moisturiser containing an SPF while out in the sun, which block UVB rays and preventing her body from synthesising vitamin D.

Having never tested her vitamin D levels before, Lu was keen to use the home testing service to find out her levels.

“I found the test super simple to use, the instructions were easy to follow and the results were received quickly. I am really happy with the service and would definitely recommend it.

“The blood test identified my vitamin D levels at 55.7nmol/L which is classed as an adequate level, but BetterYou recommends optimal levels of between 75-150nmol and advised a supplementation plan using their Vitamin D3000 oral spray to boost my levels.

“After eight weeks of using the oral spray I retested my levels and was delighted to hear that my vitamin D had increased to an optimal level of 108.9nmol/L which is a 95% improvement!

“Since my levels increased my symptoms have improved and I’ve felt a difference in the way that I feel.

“I particularly like the ease of use and convenience of the oral spray and I’ve already recommended it to a friend.”

Vitamin D Facts

Around 1 billion people across the globe experience inadequate levels of vitamin D with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggesting that around 10 million people in the UK could be at risk of deficiency – that’s one in five adults and one in six children that suffer from low levels of vitamin D.

Millions of people are hindering their health with a staggering 88 per cent admitting to never testing their vitamin D levels with only 15 per cent confessing they would be able to spot the signs of deficiency, according to a new study commissioned by BetterYou.

The main function of vitamin D is to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

To protect bone and muscle health as well as to support immune health, everyone needs a daily intake of vitamin D Public Health England has advised. In particular, pregnant women and new mothers are advised to supplement as it can be difficult to get enough through diet and sunlight alone.

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