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Case study: Greater Recovery means Greater Performance for Triathlete

GB Winter triathlete Alex Rhodes found optimum recovery with magnesium.

Although Alex sacrifices some of his social life for early nights and recuperation, he maintains it’s all part of his lifestyle – eating well, sleeping well and looking after himself.

How Triathlete Found Optimum Recovery with Magnesium

Nutrition is a pivotal part of this with the body absorbing the high demands of training, it needs all the nutrients it can get to repair and make improvements.

“I try to eat as much nutrient dense food as possible, such as proteins, fats, carbs and vegetables, so my nutrition mostly comes from diet but sometimes you just cannot meet the high demands of training from food alone.

Products like the Magnesium Gel and Vitamin D oral spray are a great addition to support recovery and wellbeing, especially in the northern hemisphere over the winter.”

Both calcium and magnesium are essential for athletes as they play important roles in muscular contraction, with calcium being the contributor to powerful contraction and magnesium supporting relaxation.

If muscles are continuously contracted throughout training, a daily dose of magnesium is essential to preventing muscle tightness.

Training Routine

  • three to four-hour mountain bike ride
  • one-hour rollerski intervals
  • rest and recovery

“On lower volume training days, I use magnesium on specific areas of the body that may feel sore or tight in the evening.

During more intense training I apply magnesium both before and after a session. This allows my body to stay supple and recover from one session to the next. It is great for injury prevention and advancing performance.”

Recover with Magnesium

“Recovery is where the gains are made, you don’t get fitter or faster just by training hard.

It is during recovery that your body adapts to the training load so that it can absorb more and therefore progressively make you faster. It is the single most important part of my training.”

An important part of this recovery process is sleep, this is where muscles repair themselves and the body adapts. Getting into deep restful sleep allows your body to process and aids recovery.

“Often if I’ve had a hard week of training or I know I’m not going to get the best night’s sleep, I will use Magnesium Oil spray on my legs or have a bath in Magnesium Flakes to replace lost minerals and to allow my body to relax.”

Alex’s Training Tips

With a 2018 World Champion title in the bag, Alex gives his top tips for maximising performance.

“I think working hard is the most important thing.

Do the right things day in and day out, including recovery, and leave no stone unturned in trying to achieve your goals. Always set the bar high and make smaller goals to reach it.”

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