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Regain the Bedtime Routine

During the summer holidays it can be easy to lose the usual bedtime routine, the nights are lighter and with no school to get up for in the morning, there’s no need to ensure your child goes to bed on time. But this can cause havoc when the school term swings around again.

Tantrums and tears torment parents at this time of year as they try to get their children back into normal sleeping patterns. Getting your child into a healthy sleep routine isn't impossible.

As part of our Back to School series, these 4 simple tips will help you regain the routine and ensure they’re awake and engaged for that important first week back at school.

Tips for Children's Bedtime Routine

1. Shift Bedtime & Wake-up Time

A week before they go back to school make sure your child goes to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each night (depending on how much their routine has slipped). This will help them adjust to go to bed a little earlier and won’t leave them feeling exhausted on that important first day back.

2. Golden Hour

This is the hour before bedtime when they should be preparing for sleep.

Ban smartphones and tablets and minimise TV viewing. This may be the biggest challenge but these ‘blue screen’ devices confuse the body in to thinking it is still daylight and make it harder for the brain to switch off.

Instead try getting them to do relaxing activities during this time, such as colouring, completing a puzzle or reading a book.

3. Bath Time

A bath before bed will start the melatonin production process. Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by our bodies which helps create the urge to fall asleep.

As the body drops in temperature after a bath or shower, this helps turbo charge the production of melatonin.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium is natures finest muscle relaxant, helping the body relax and ensuring that GABA receptors in the brain are working effectively. GABA receptors help the brain switch off ready for sleep.

If your little one often wakes in the night or complains about poor sleep, this could be an indicator of magnesium deficiency. A study published by Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine showed that when the body’s magnesium levels are too low, it makes it harder to stay asleep – This is true for parents too!

Adding 250g of Magnesium Flakes to your child’s bath before bed will help them relax and ensure they get a restful night’s sleep. Alternatively try our Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior.

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