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Mum-of-one Sprays Away Seasonal Blues after Testing Vitamin D Levels

A PR worker from Essex suffering from the symptoms seasonal affective disorder (SAD), discovered that a simple vitamin D oral spray could help her beat the winter blues and improve her quality of life.

Vanessa Conroy, aged 39, suffered from symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and constant tiredness, which was revealed to be have been worsened by a vitamin D deficiency. She took a simple NHS home finger prick test and was advised to take three sprays of BetterYou Vitamin D3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray a day.

Supporting Health with Vitamin D 

After 10 weeks of supplementing, Vanessa retested her levels and found that they had increased fourfold from 29.8nmol/L to an optimal level of 125.1nmol/L. Her general health has improved, and she believes other anxiety sufferers should try supplementing vitamin D using a spray before rushing to their GP.

Vanessa's story

“I have struggled for a while with anxiety and constant tiredness. I definitely notice the change in seasons and how this affects my mood. When it was pointed out to me this could be a result of low vitamin D, I decided to test my own levels.

“I was shocked at how low my results were compared to my partner, and I was recommended to take three times the amount of his dosage.

“I used the complimentary BetterYou Vitamin D3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray, taking three sprays a day for one month, followed by one spray a day after that. The spray was very easy to use and tastes really good, it was no hassle at all.

“After a couple of months my general health had started to improve, and I decided to get another test done to see if my levels had increased.

“I was extremely happy to find out that my levels were now at an optimal level. I wish I had known about the test service and spray sooner!

“Before people rush to their GP with depression, they should get their vitamin D levels checked. Supplementing vitamin D using a spray is a far more effective method of treating the condition and does not have any of the severe side effects that medication does.”

Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • SAD is a form of depression that usually begins in Autumn due to a lack on sunlight.
  • NHS estimates that it affects around one in 15 people in the UK.
  • Researchers have suggested that vitamin D may increase the amount of monoamines, which may help treat depression.
  • Further studies have shown that an effective treatment to SAD is exposure to sunlight or intensive vitamin D supplementation.
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