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Christmas Party Season Survival Guide

There is no escaping the back-to-back festivities in December, and with the late nights, overindulgence and germs floating around, it’s easy to get burnt out before the New Year’s Eve party.

So, if your social calendar is looking fuller than Santa’s sleigh, here’s how you can avoid the tummy troubles, aching feet and headaches this party season.

Beat the bloat…

As we start to indulge ourselves with the excess drinking and eating over the festive period, it’s no doubt that you may be suffering from a little bloating.

But if you want your flat tummy back in time to slip into your party outfit, try supplementing with turmeric, says nutritionist Kim Pearson.

“This bright orange spice has countless health benefits and is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but can also help support healthy digestion. One study found that turmeric reduced symptoms of bloating and gas in people suffering from indigestion. In Germany turmeric is prescribed to those with digestive problems.

“To get maximum therapeutic benefit from this super spice, opt for our Turmeric Oral Spray which has been developed to guarantee absorption straight into the bloodstream via the inner cheek.”

Put your best foot forward…

Dancing the night away in brand-new shoes always seems a good idea until we hobble home and wake-up the next morning with sore and swollen feet.

For a good excuse to have a sit down, treat your feet to a magnesium-rich footbath with Magnesium Flakes (which have recently won Best Product for Total Relaxation in the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards) and Inflatable Footbath.

A magnesium foot soak is great for the feet, helping to ease sore muscles, reduce inflammation and improve circulation – ideal after you’ve been tottering around in tight shoes all evening.

Party on…

December’s packed schedule of partying, shopping and night’s out can sap your energy levels, but you can easily avoid a festive burnout by taking vitamin B12.

Taking a Vitamin B12 supplement in the weeks leading up to Christmas can give your energy levels the boost they need, as this vitamin enables our body to convert the food we consume into energy to power your metabolism.

However, this nutrient is notoriously difficult to absorb by the gut, meaning that supplementing is a must. Our Boost B12 oral spray is easy to use and means that the vitamin bypasses the digestive system and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Post-party flu…

The whirlwind of parties can leave us run down, and all that close contact with others over the social season means that cold and flu germs spread like wildfire.

Topping up your vitamin D levels throughout winter reduces the risk of respiratory infections, as well as boosting your immune system and helping to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – which is likely to occur at this time of year.

To get your daily dose of sunshine, try our DLux Vitamin D Oral Spray range. The DLux range doesn’t need food or water to take so is easy to use on the go.

Sleep soundly…

Between all the partying, it’s essential that you still get some rest so you can rebuild your energy levels before the next social outing. To get some decent shut eye try MagnesiumOil Goodnight Spray as part of your bedtime routine.

Magnesium is a natural relaxant which instantly calms the senses, helping to achieve a deep and restful sleep, as well as overall wellbeing.

Magnesium has also been found to support enzymes in the body which help break down alcohol and eliminate it from the body, meaning your less likely to be suffering the next day.

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