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Back to school essentials

Vitamins and minerals can be just as essential as uniform and pens when it comes to preparing for the new school year. Make sure they're prepared for the term time.

Vitamins Your Child Needs for Going to School

Immunity enhancer

Vitamin D not only supports bone growth but also the maintenance of a healthy immune system, however it is estimated that 1 in 6 children suffer from low levels, with deficiency being linked to coughs, colds and tiredness.

Government guidelines now recommend that everyone in the UK takes a vitamin D supplement, especially mums-to-be and infants and young children under five. This is because you’ll struggle to get your recommended daily allowance from sunshine or diet alone.

Concentration booster

Concentration and focus is fundamental for children as they go back to school. Extended periods of listening, learning and completing classwork means it is vital your child can stay engaged and on task.

Contributing to normal healthy red blood cells, vitamin B12 not only combats tiredness and fatigue, it also supports normal psychological functions aiding memory and concentration levels.

Our Boost B12 Oral Spray is suitable from 3 years and above.

Sleep Inducer

A poor night's sleep can mean cause irritability, hyperactivity and an inability to concentrate, all leading to poor performance in the classroom.

As a natural muscle relaxant magnesium can help relax the body in preparation for sleep. Our Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior is combined with chamomile and lavender to help slow sensory activity, creating a soothing and calming effect to aid a deeper sleep cycle.

For more information on children's sleep and tips on how to get your child back in to a healthy sleep routine after the summer break, see our blog from Lisa Artis, sleep advisor for The Sleep Council.

All Rounder

A multivitamin is a great way to ensure a number of key nutrients for growing bodies. It’s also a great way to provide an extra boost, to not only fend off germs, but to fight tiredness and fatigue while supporting heart and bone health.

Our MultiVit Junior Oral Spray is designed to provide a unique formulation of vitamins many children miss out on due to picky diets and the reduced nutrient quality in processed foods. Containing the full spectrum of B vitamins, including folate, with vitamins A, C, D, K, selenium and iodine the spray is expertly blended to support growing bodies.

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