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What is the difference between the vitamin D sprays?

The difference between the vitamin D oral sprays is the dosage level provided. The different colours are not related to flavours.

 Product  Dosage
 Vitamin D 400 Infant 400IU (10µg) per spray. Flavour free.
 Vitamin D 400 Junior 400IU (10µg) per spray
Vitamin D 1000 1000IU (25µg) per spray
Vitamin D 1000 Vegan 1000IU (25µg) of vegan source D3
Vitamin D 3000 3000IU (75µg) per spray
Vitamin D 4000 4000IU (100µg) per spray
Vitamin D 3000+K2 3000IU (75µg) and 75µg of vitamin K2


For more information about what dosage you should be taking, download our Vitamin D supplementation guide here.


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